Hockey fans


Khl,nhl,Olympics if your a hockey fan what’s your teams and discuss the last game you watched!


I myself am always going to be a new jersey devils fan and I’m from and born and raised on st Louis blues hockey whole the later has fallen out of favor to me, I’m quiet intrested in seeing how they fair this season and watching their prospects in their farm system for the San Antonio rampage


I’m a kings fan even tho they haven’t been good the last couple years but kopitar is a beast. Did enjoy watching them win 2 cups in 3 years


Colorado Avalanche fan here. Grew up with the likes of Sakic and Forsebreg and Borque and can’t forget Roy. Hoping to actually make it to my first live game this season.


I grew up in saint Louis and always love blues hockey but I’m also I huge devil’s fan my self grew up watching brouder. Just love the game it self it’s the only sport I pay attention to