Guatemala Farms!

I just got back from a Guatemala trip and was going through some pictures. These local Mayan farms near Zunil.

These farms occupying the beautiful rolling hills are 100% hand tended!


That is an amazing view!! The rolling clouds make it even better.

Hand tilled land would suck, but what are they planting on these lands?

Yeah, it was like an art form. There were even people using straw brooms on freshly tilled lands?? I didn’t really get what they were doing there unless they were top coating something.

They were growing a huge variety - lots of corn, carrots, leafy veggies. A fair amount of legumes as well.

As for the view, I actually took this picture while standing in the bed of a truck that has welded bars to hang onto. We are going maybe 40mph on a winding road up a mountain, actually standing next to farmers going back home!

I’m intrigued enough… I wanna see more photos!

That’s beautiful! :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:

taken on pixel XL2