Galaxy Themes

The login code contains some references to unused “Themes”, which was a feature Stefan built to support variable unit and resource names.

His example shows that he tested a “Squirrel” galaxy with units like “Mean Acorn Thrower” instead of Bomber, and resources like Nuts instead of Gold. It’s pretty silly, but also a bit charming. As far as I can tell though, it was never used for a real galaxy.

I’m ripping it out of the code as part of some cleanup work, but thought I’d mention it here for reference in case we ever want to re-implement it properly. I can see value in this for custom games, or a temporary theme change in a regular galaxy as a holiday event.


Could be quite cute and an attractive draw to the game when done right. For a comparable, Fortnite created a Thanos like character and allowed players to absorb meteor fragments to gain ‘super’ abilities for a brief time.

With the size of the existing player base, however, I don’t see an upside to these Themes right now.