Galactic Event: Temporary Buff


how about instead of punishing large empires what about a GE where smaller empire gain a 1000% production bonus or 1000% attack strenghth 500% travel speed ETC based on nw. Always think buffs not nerfs. The premade races are popular now because they were buffed and not because they nerfed custom race.


Top empire implosion

That seems reasonable if we do that on a sliding scale such that top empires also have a chance for the same bonus, even if it’s a smaller chance.

Outright boosting noobs for being noobs is just as bad as punishing good players for being good. Either feature should be something any empire has a chance of encountering.


Galactic Event: Planet Death

Cant help but feel this would encourage larger empires to eradicate any smaller empires that are within their proximity.

If there was a risk of the little dudes in my systems getting a 1000% attack bonus and being able to run my fleet / take my planets, I would more than likely blow their planets up and clear them out.



So true. But how often do the current players let smaller empires remain in their systems anyway?



I do :man_shrugging: