Galactic Event: Planet Death

A percentage of planets will see their entire population die and their empires lose ownership. A percentage of buildings will remain in tact, allowing those who explore these planets to discover pre-existing infrastructure.

It will therefore become more viable for small players to not only expand after SoR, but also to gain unexpected boosts to their economy.

All players will benefit from increased opportunity to gain spread.

sound good in theory but doesnt work in practice and will only harm smaller empire/fams.

As big fam control a large core and once the GE happen they will just explore them back again.

Again any mechanics that harm existing players doesnt work. nobody likes the agent and wizard kill GEs. It is way more viable if possible to have new system generated/planets generated in existing systems, or a new section of the map opening up with worm hole travelling for most area of the old map to get 0 tickers to all 4 corners.

With for smaller empire to gain economy you can always make GE that decrease build time and buff production for smaller empire.

We realized as much here:

Exploration Failure and Spread will prevent this.

As for nerfs not working, buffs and nerfs are 2 sides of the same coin. A nerf for some empires is a relative buff for others, and vice versa. Just because people dislike being nerfed doesn’t mean that it is a bad feature. People also don’t like losing attacks.

These are also planned, but no ETA on them yet.

I’ve split your idea to the Galactic Event: Temporary Buff thread so we can discuss and vote on it further there. :+1: