Galactic Event: Planet Death

This is similar to the Big Bang GE, but smaller in scale.

This would just be the destruction piece; there would be no overall increase in systems or redistribution of existing planets.

Instead, the event would see planets’ populations die completely at random. This would impact larger families more than smaller ones, as they would own a larger percent of existing territory.

One question I haven’t figured out though is: should buildings remain intact on the planets? Some of them maybe, but not all? None?

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If it’s just a % it would affect smaller players/families by the same % as larger families so would make no relative difference.

Family A has 100k buildings lose 10% = 90k
Family B has 10k buildings lose 10% = 9k
Relative difference stays the same.

If it doesnt destroy all buildings then it’s a complicated way of just a way of making pop banking less effective. Simplier would be to reduce pop income directly.

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@TIF what I mean is a % of planets will be removed from player control entirely.

For example, if fam A has 900 planets and fam B has 100, and the event “kills” 10% of all planets indiscriminately, Fam A will have to re-explore 90 to regain their losses where fam B only has to re-explore 10.

The building loss impact will be a question of whether or not we want to allow others to “rediscover” existing infra that they never built. If we went that route, a small fam coming upon a set of 1500%
OB planets would be possible.

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Ok that does change it a little as eships are capped per day so would be a bigger drain on this limited resource.

During expo phase it would have a much larger affect on larger players/families.

After the expo phase completes(if it does with this event) it would depends on the amount of planets lost and if that is beyond the 8 a day expo ships limit.

Large families typically have very secure systems so under the current model losing 2-3 planets in a system wouldn’t stop them controlling a system, if another non-napped families explores in you just take the planet.

However if other changes are implemented to reduce core strats then I can this benefiting small families more.

Thinking about it more I didn’t consider the build time, in ticks it will take much longer to rebuild a planet to 1500% than it take for that small familes to rebuild to 150% so this could benenfit the smaller family more than than chance of them getting a high ob planet, during the rebuild process the smaller family has closed the gap slightly

One other note this would affect pop bankers more than any other strats as losing a planet pop takes a long time to replace.


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Assuming we go with “nova”, what would make sense is that the area around a “nova”:

1x Tick = Entier systems are completely uninhabited, and need to be re-explored.
2x Ticks = All Infra and pop are destroyed.
3x Ticks = Just all pop burned down.

A nice wrinkle, might be all farms are destroyed, and all Oct facilities are wrecked (the two least important “attacker infras” on the three tickers. Oct facilities have never been fully explained (or Oct itself) it could be like “the spice” in “Dune” (as it does allow some similar effects) it is a refined, fragile, bio crop.

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I though system death would make more sense so families lose control of the systems.
However it could disproportionatly affect smaller families.

Say it blows up 10% of systems at random. A small family who only control 5 systems, get a little unlucky and 1 get blown up. Then they lose 20% of there planets instead of the 10% average.

In this situation the odds of losing could more than 1 system arnt that low either, which would be pretty bad

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@Darrk this “Planet Death” one isn’t directly related to the Big Bang idea. The naming for that feature isn’t relevant here.

As with the other idea, we shouldn’t limit our feature design to match names for real-life astronomical events. For a game where wizards use magic to lower exploration costs, realism is secondary to game mechanics.

Besides, we have creative freedom to write up any explanation we want for any galactic event. :slight_smile: We can ignore the naming entirely until we’ve got the details hashed out.

@TIF that’s a good point, tbh I hadn’t even considered big families just instantly re-exploring. :thinking: You’re right though, system death wouldn’t be quite right either. :grimacing:

What we could do is include in the event a galaxy status where explorations temporarily risk failure if you try to explore in systems where your family already exists. We could explain it away as a supernatural phenomenon related to the deaths of all the previous inhabitants whose spirits resist repopulation by the same family.

So during the galactic event, it’d be better strategy for everybody to increase their spread than to try to reclaim their losses.

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A galaxy-wide Instant Exploration Restriction could also affect the GE here, and offer other benefits as well outside of the GE.

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I’ve added this to #roadmap:to-do @ Galactic Event: Planet Death.