Galactic Event – Big Bang (Infinitum)

Here is an idea for ‘resetting’ Infinitum to refresh it in the future – a new galactic event codenamed Big Bang. A Big Bang occurs within the existing galaxy destroying a percentage of all existing planets, creating an even larger number of new planets and systems, as well as scattering existing planets all over the galaxy into different systems.

This idea is a much more aggressive take on the Donut explosion of MW1. Players will be forced to regroup as they suddenly find their income and resource ratios may have drastically changed. Instead of being holed up in the relative safety of core systems, they’ll have to come to terms with having a lot of new neighbors – from old friends to enemies and total strangers alike. Such a redistribution of planets, and the rush to explore the sparkling new ones, might just lead to a shakeup of alliances no matter how large or small they be. A number of brief ‘clearing’ wars would happen as well, diluting the accumulated wealth of the galaxy.

This event would be a rarity IMO. First occurrence would preferably be about three months from now. Future occurrences would happen when necessary to shake up the status quo, or perhaps when plugging in new modules that are making massive changes to the gameplay anyway.


I like this a lot. It would be a great compliment to the map actually growing, when that does happen.

In terms of timing, what if instead of on a schedule, the probability is determined by % of planets being explored.

For example, let’s say that for once the galaxy is 90% explored, a big bang event becomes increasingly likely. 95% explored even more so, and 100% explored means it’s at the highest possible probability of happening.

That way, instead of having to manually manage a schedule, the game could adjust itself automatically depending on galaxy activity.


Agreed. I’d suggest Mini Bangs that can happen randomly at any time, but have a less chaotic outcome throughout the galaxy. Whereas the Big Bang is a much bigger affair and most likely to happen above a certain threshold as you mentioned above. Don’t want anyone getting too complacent at the lower ratio of explored planets.

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That’s an awesome twist.

We have 2 factors then: probability and severity. Both could be adjusted properly depending on the state of the galaxy.

Very, very cool.


More so a solution of approaching necessity than an idea borne of creativity.

Necessity is the mother of invention. :slight_smile:

Like it. Hope it’s not too difficult to code and implement haha.
Imagine a big bang and next tick your portalled inside somebody’s core as your system has shifted and vice versa.

Could also have to a countdown ticker for the event once triggered. Imagine the online activity when that could occur for peoples fear of potential enemies being next door.

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Could reduce that a bit by declaring a haze shrouds the entire galaxy preventing ships from navigating through space for X number of ticks.

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That’s not how Big Bangs work.
You are talking about a supernovas, or the formation of black holes.
Big Bangs make stars (more or less when you take it out long enough). In all likelihood big bangs are created by massive gravity wells (mainly black holes) that create pin holes tears in the “fabric” spacetime that form other universes much like ours. The extra mass (the “something from nothing” likely comes from what the fabric of spacetime itself.

It is really hard to conceptualize, because we experience time one event “after” another.
I assure you, time is as static has any other dimension (height width, and depth).

All of modern physics is 100% based on this princaple.
It is called Relativity. :trophy:

Might make more sense to (joo gonna like deez @I_like_pie):

  1. Shorten the damn round.

The only real commodity in the game is time.
You stress that over abundance is an issue.
Less time = faster conflicts less time to entrench, less time to OB.

  1. Add a Planet Discovery event.

We are still arguing over how many planets are in our RL system (would be a blast to write the lore blurb)
Adding new planets to systems as an event opens up these hyper cores to intrusion.
Make the starting planet planet count in the system drop from 13 to 10.
Again, fast conflicts, harder to entrench.

  1. Add new systems via a Micro Big Bang event. They can be smaller ones to start with (4ish planets).

Smaller fams can worm their way around.
Smaller fams can get shares.
The systems are to small to really toss bankers in, if you do it opens them up for raids.

  1. Stars going Nova / Collapsing into Neutron stars / black holes.
    Single systems blowing up and tearing random planets out of systems within “x” reach of them.

On a related note, the variety in numbers of planets in each system is one thing I’ve come to really appreciate about the Test Galaxies.

@Darrk good points.

Shortening the round is an option for regular galaxies, but not for infinitum. Whatever solution we come up with needs to apply to an endless round as well.

Planet (and system!) discovery will be good. The code that powers that is gonna be critical for any form of this feature to work. :+1:

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Great when it is made gimmeh my Change Maker Badge :metal:t2:

Gotta post the specific feature in #roadmap:ideas :slight_smile:

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Guys, I cannot emplore this upon you enough - Big Bangs (and we have only even theoretically seen one) are not this.

System destruction is a caused by a nova (the explosion of a star), or impact with something else, the most common example is likely black hole which swallows systems whole.

This is basic astronomy.
You can see a nearby nova with your naked eye.
If Alpha Proxima nearest star (sun) to earth went nova all life would end here - if the planet survived at all.

  • A “Big Bang” creates trillions of galaxies* with billions of star systems in each one.

  • A nova is one star blowing up, that would likely wreck a few star systems near it.

The bit I posted in the other thread, was more in depth and perhaps outside necessary understanding.
The names of the massive interstellar events and their impact are not.

The naming isn’t as important as what it does. We should figure out the details first, and then decide on a final name afterward.

If we try to build features to suit real life astronomy we’re going to be unnecessarily limiting ourselves. We could call the feature “solar spaghetti” for that matter as a code-name. :star: :spaghetti: :slight_smile:

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Look! All I know is there are no more planets left for me to explore and I’m MAD. I ain’t stealing no body planets either. Plus I had some people clear me out of a system I was in before them and he already had like a hundred doezen planets!!!

Give me more planets!!!