Filling up galaxies

This round has been an absolute shit show, to be honest.
In order to prevent this, I think the starting procedure of the galaxy should be changed.
Why not start out with 10 families and when they reach 3 players each, a new family is added?
Then when they all reach 4, another family is added? And so on, of course.

Positions of families can be handed out later. But you’d have a fairer distribution and you’d know who joins before you get another shit round like this one in which some players quit the game because they have to wait for a new MW to start.

Any other visions would be appreciated. We need to make it more appealing to stay around.

The big blocker there is that we can’t currently create families after the galaxy is generated.

The whole process is pretty borked. What we need, which will make your suggestion more viable, is a registration pool. As in, nobody gets placed until the spots are all filled, and then everybody gets distributed at once.

The other problem is of course just the number of players to begin with. The Team-SS galaxy took interest away from MW71, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but even with a perfect registration process this MW round may have been screwed anyway.

You’re right though, a galaxy needs to remain appealing. A question underneath that is, how can we make the setup feel reasonable even with very few players?

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Oh, I don’t mind the small families at all. But maybe we should have had more families then…
It’s always unfortunate for those who can’t gather three active players, but there have families of 8 that couldn’t even produce 2 active players. So that shouldn’t be a big issue.

I like the distribution option. Would bring back a lot of randomness in MW. Often the best part of a round is having to work together with new people and finding out that you actually can make a pretty good team.

I think the current new set-ups in the SS galaxy and the Clan war galaxy are already providing new options for people who are dead set on playing every round with the same people.