FD/IR Timing Notification

Ok, after building billions of troops, I obviously entered a state of Fleet Desertion/Income Reduction as evidenced by the disappearance of all gold coin and food, as well as the appearance of the FD marker on my HQ page.

I disbanded 99.9999999% of those troops that same turn. The following tick I noticed that I had gc once again but my income was significantly below what it was before the troop increase. I pulled up the income formula and ran the numbers. Definitely low.

The following tick all returned to normal even though it still doesn’t match my calculations using the income formula.

So this is a simple case of income being reduced by half due to having zero food and gold on the one tick. Apparently the income remains halved until the second tick after a return to positive food/income.

Not a BUG in that I think this may all be technically correct, however, if it is confusing to a veteran such as myself, it will freak out new players as well.

Might not be a bad idea to add a better notification system to explain why income has been reduced despite having positive cash and food flow.

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