Family Members Seen

Empire seen data has returned, with some improvements.

  • Everybody in the family can see it, instead of just the leader.
  • It uses human-readable times differences like “17 minutes ago”, instead of a date and time.
  • It is color-coded to see at a glance whether or not an empire is at risk for inactivity, or is already inactive.
    • Normal Text
      • seen within the last 24 hours
      • active
    • Yellow Text
      • seen within the last 24 and 48 hours
      • at risk of inactivity
    • Red Text
      • not seen within the last 48 hours
      • inactive
      • eligible for auto-removal

Note that this is a change from the previous login-based check, and is now based on any activity by an empire regardless of their login patterns.

Auto-removal will return soon in as separate update.

Also note that you can sort by seen time to get a convenient list of your most recently active family members:



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