Exploration Limits and Spread

As an alternative to Exploration Failure and Spread to prevent instant re-explores of lost systems or planets, consider this:

  1. Any family member can send a single e-ship to an empty planet in any system. Attempts by any family member to send a 2nd ship to that system would fail.
  2. The explored planet must be either fully built, or at least built to a preset %, before any family member can send another e-ship.
  3. Have a time out period, maybe 2-3 ticks after buildings complete, before a planet can be passed via an attack to your own family.

This would make it possible to explore all planets in a system, just one at a time. Add this to Exploration Bases and it would make for a more even and interesting spread. Cores will still be possible, with a bit of planning and coordination.

Points 1 and 2 work for both family and solo play.
Point 3 is only for multi-player families, and doesn’t apply to other families, who can attack at any time.