Exploration Bases

Here’s a 30 second idea I had while inhaling my morning coffee. Exploration bases.

All exploration ships must leave from a special space-based facility built for their manufacture. These would work very much like a DS. Start with one in your home system. Be able to build a limited number more at a large cost relative to empire/family size. Move them to areas you wish to explore quickly to a system you own a % of planets in. If you lose a system one is in it simply heads back to your home to be re-deployed. They can’t be destroyed.

This would prevent to a large extent the problem above with instant re-explores. It would slow down exploration spread a lot so it may be viable to remove the eship build limit or increase it.

I like this, but how about something like an eship can’t be sent to a system with a planet less than fully built. You could then explore every planet in a system, but one at a time. Added to the exploration base travel time this seems fair. Gives others time to get in and build up.

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I’d like to explore this is an alternative to Exploration Failure and Spread.

Both solve the same problem, but in different ways. It may also be possible to combine them.

@Daffy could you open this up as a separate thread? All 3 of these features might work in harmony with each other, and/or as galaxy settings that can support different combinations.

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Will do tomorrow morning while inhaling coffee :smiley: :coffee: Can’t think good this late at night.

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No rush! Much appreciated. :+1: