Explo Cap Suggestion

Just thinking about the change that was made to explo cap to try something different. We all pretty much agree it was a mess, but the intentions were interesting.

How about trying something different again, with a view to balancing the scales a bit.

Have the explo caps for each fam inversely proportional from top to bottom. (Perhaps NW based in comparison with the average NW of the galaxy)

So smaller fams have a larger cap, to stop them suffering lost explos to cap, giving them some sort of a chance at catch-up, while reigning back the fams with the largest eco?


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I like it. Maybe based on a fams planet count rather than NW. The cap can still be stupidly large, if it’s fair.

Something like daily cap per family at int(x / (fam planet count / total planets)) where x is a per galaxy setting of 1-5 (hardcore to chill). In a 5000 planet gal with setting 2 the top fam with 200 planets have a 50 eship cap, at 5 they have 125. The bottom fam with 50 planets are capped at 200 ships at level 2 and 500 ships at level 5.

This would keep fams fairly level from the start, result in unexplored planets for longer as the caps drop to smaller numbers, and encourage fams to grow by fighting later on rather than the active few exploring hard.

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That’s exactly the way I was thinking :slight_smile: Not sure on the finer details, could do with testing it really. But would be interesting.

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Terrible idea as your punishing active fams who are organized. We can go back to the normal cap or do one family based say 50 per fam a day. That would give smaller fams a way to catch up.

It’s not about punishing active fams, it’s about stopping the game being purely imperial construction, the active fams still push their Econ to the max, and then can be more selective about their exploration patterns.

Trying to push the game in a direction that forces people to make an intelligent decision over just recycling the same method every single round could make the game interesting for both ends of the scale.

Activity will always be the most important winning factor over all else, somewhat irrelevant of the changes we make. But it doesn’t have to be the only factor that matters.

People who cannot commit 16 hourly logins a day, plus several hours of extended logins, should still be able to contribute and get something back. The way the game is now, it’s not possible and people just stop playing until the next round hoping to land in one of the few active fams.