Evolution Strategies

I heard mention of bankers switching to pax as a defensive maneuver in #milky-way-68. That’s pretty cool.

Has anybody else done or heard of any other interesting uses of the evolution feature?

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I don’t know about interesting, but it allowed plenty of people to start as high income high speed con builders before evolving to various races. Also saw people evolve to Wardancers before cancel wars and Camaars for raids etc.

I’m sure there’s been other uses I’ve not noticed, and I have a few I’m keeping quiet until next round :slight_smile:

Overall, I’d say evolution has been a great new feature and introduced some cool new strats.

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Not in MW68, but for Infinitum Test v1 I did set up a couple of custom races since we had multiple Evolutions that round. One was a late round attacker for when generating research and income are not important anymore. Another was a quick growth banker for early to mid-round in order to have the financial freedom to switch to attacker mode toward the end.

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Yeah our resourcers evolved to Wardancer and Camaar for the last week of round to account for war plans and then the NAP breaking thing