Evening chores

Gotta love some evening chores, to empty the head…
Not partying on a Saturday night, I decided to do some of this.

What are you up to? Send some pics :grimacing:

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That’s quite a collection! I think I have 1 scuffy pair of dress shoes from high school lol.

I like the ones on the top right. Stylish. :sunglasses:

My kids went to bed early on Saturday night, so I did too, it was magnificent lol I think I slept for about 10hrs. :blush:

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I have a pair of Bogs, a pair of Fugu boots, a pair of Skechers, and a pair of sneakers. I guess I’m not going to the ball. Maybe the barn dance?

Give us a pic @audiodef😬

You can see the Bogs and Fugus are clearly mucking about shoes.

I read once that Fugu supplied the official footwear for the Star Trek reboot uniforms.

I guess this is now the Official Footwear of IC Players thread.

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Ugh I need to do this…