Email Verification F.A.Q


Hi everybody,

Logging into a galaxy will now prompt you with a one time (per server) email verification notice. It looks like this:

Email Verification F.A.Q.

What do I do?

A verification request email should have been sent to you right before you initially saw this prompt. If you don’t see it, make sure to check your spam folder.

Inside of this email is a verification link.

  1. Click this link to verify your email address. It will open a new window with the following text:

Your email address has been verified for Imperial Conflict! You may close this window.

  1. Close that newest window.

  2. Go back to your original game tab.

  3. Click the blue “Continue” button.

  4. You’re done! You should now have access like normal.

What if my email address is old or fake?

Go to the preferences page here:

The “Private Settings” section will show you what email address is on record for your account.

If this is fake or an older email address that you no longer control, simply update it to whatever you currently use.

Note: You don’t need to update your password. Even though the password fields are also in this form, you can leave them blank and your password will stay the same.

Once you’ve updated your email address, re-enter your empire to see the same verification popup. Click on the orange “Resend Email” button.

Now you can follow the steps in the “What do I do?” section above.

I already verified my forum account, why is this needed?

Many of you have already verified your forum account here, and nothing there has changed. Your forum account is still valid and you won’t have to do that again.

What we have now is though is verification for your master account.

The two are linked in some ways, but not completely. This is something we intend to streamline, but for the moment forum and game accounts will require separate verifications.

It’s not ideal, but we’re choosing data security over convenience until we can have both.

I already verified my master account, why is this needed?

We went through a long period of not requiring email verification to play Imperial Conflict. I’m not sure why this was ever disabled, but I’d guess it was to reduce the friction required to sign up in an effort to increase player count.

Regardless of the reason, this was a mistake, as it means several accounts have never confirmed that they own a real, sendable email address.

To make matters worse, during the time that we did require verification, we also allowed players to change their email addresses but didn’t require re-verification, which compromised any verification data that we did have. :weary:

This means that players could verify with a real email address, and then change it to a fake one or worse, somebody else’s.

The end result is that we don’t have 100% certainty that any specific account is using a valid email address that they control. Our new verification system will fix this problem.

Why do we have to do this on each server?

When we split the tick, we also split accounts. The different servers don’t know about each other, which means they each require their own email verification process.

You’ll only ever have to do this once per server, although we know this is clunky.

We have plans to unify verification and auth so that we can “verify once, verify everywhere”, but in the interim we are choosing data security over convenience until we can have both.

Why is this needed at all?

Laws around data security and privacy have changed recently, and Imperial Conflict needs to do what it can to ensure compliance.

Coincidentally, we’re also preparing to invest into some email outreach and want to make sure that we’re sending to real people, but also that recipients have the proper means to control their game account and email preferences.

What if I still can't get in?

If you are in need of further assistance, please do any of the following:

While we normally don’t offer official support in chat, we are making an exception for this.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Hurray for usuable high quality data!