Eligibility check: previous round finish

@Zeraph and @Hala had a good point about the current inactivity checks being insufficient.

The underlying problem is that we shouldn’t be checking for “inactivity”, we should be checking for “players that are likely dead weight for their team” which would include inactivity as 1 of several sub-checks.

For example, if a player joined #milky-way-74 but doesn’t finish the round, that means they don’t get to join #milky-way-75. Even if they are active.

Or, as another example, if a player ended the round with only 1 planet, they aren’t eligible for the next one.

This will reduce the number of MW joins, just like the virgo graduation requirement did. However, it will also prevent dead weight from taking up valuable space. It will also deter players from going inactive or rage quitting.

Thoughts? Is this too strict? Not strict enough?


Yea thats probably to strict. Or it would probably end up with alot of work from your side manually entering players not eligible.

I would just make a blacklist of players that does this and temporary block them from entering that partuclar galaxy. I doupt there is many players we are talking about.
And they can allways come to discord and shout out that they want to play activly. Or in forum.

Make them play Virgo again!

We dropped ICD to 1 planet for strategic reasons… he ended on 1 planet


That’s a great example for exceptions. I know some players have also intentionally done experimental rounds with just 1 planet.

We could add some additional checks. For example, 1 planet with starting build would clear out empires who joined and never did anything.

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I joined last MW and all planets were gone, fam was pretty much dead, I ended on 1 planet.

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Did you build anything?

I did, so that would cover it. empires who join and never do anything get wiped anyway right? what is default? 10 days?

I dunno off hand but yeah, they’d be removed anyway by that point.

The trick is not removing any legitimate players. That’s what’s so tough, lots of times families want “inactive” players removed but sometimes they’re active and even building, but just aren’t responding to communication.

It’s a delicate balance. We also don’t want to punish fresh Virgo graduates who don’t understand why they’re being removed. That’s one of the reasons to base it specifically off of the prior round: first-timers would get a free pass.

Autodelete is 7 days. I need to think about it more, but I’m definitely leaning towards too strict on this one.

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You definately wouldnt want to penalise people for not completing a previous round either.
I joined MW last round, played for a while, got killed off…
Rejoined and landed in the bottom fam where there was no reason to do anything. So I think I got inactive deleted.

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We discussed pre-round check-ins. That would be helpful. Then if someone didnt check in, system can do an auto check for a number of things, and if player just joined and did nothing, gets deleted.

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The problem there was, and still is, that it forcing players to communicate that “yes, i am here” as a requirement for gameplay further alienates SS players who want to mind their own business.

While it would solve this specific problem, it would also deter SS play, which is something we already struggle with.

I’ve adjusted the current scripts to be slightly more strict on the activity definition.

This might be sufficient for now, the non-responsive empire that sparked this discussion has been removed, and legitimate players are still intact.