Does a CF banker need pop?

The root of this question is really do I need to build wizards to defend my pop on CF planets or is that just for pop bankers? The flip side of that would be should I leave myself open to being Hypno’d or e-storm’d as it would reduce my need for food? Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Octarine Hurricane. Build wizzies or lose your income

Well, this all depends on what your goals are.
Let’s just say that population vs CF will always be in favour of population.
If you want to go CF/RC/TO you will never make as much as any 65LQ/35TO ratio.
While food is a heavy burdain on it, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.
Wizzies may cost in upkeep, but you want them to defend you no matter what. There’s more than just your pop getting zapped they can do to you. Force fields around your portals may hurt more.

The better question; are you playing solo, with someone or in a large team?

WTF is an Octarine Hurricane? (Not played for 15 years so a little out of touch with changes)

Thanks. In the training galaxy but also now started in MW.

You’ll need wizzies to defend from OH and possibly Cpff, but less likely unless in HC galaxy. To defend your pop? No.

Octarine Hurricanes are a new-ish opp, at least to you as you haven’t played for 15 years. Here’s what it says in the guide:

Octarine Hurricane: Casting this op creates magical turbulent weather at the targetted empire. This effects 20% of income produced from Cash Factories, and lasts for the duration of 6 weeks. This op works multiplicatively and has a stacking limit of 3 OH on the targetted empire (irrespective of the opper).

Alright. Always try and fiddle a bit with the numbers to see what does what and if you need any help, come find us on Discord.

Octarine Hurricane … Ouch. Good to know. Had not seen that change yet.