Discord ban for 7 days

8 days ago my discord ban started in the evening…why has it not been lifted yet?

giving you 7 more for good measure

You sound just like god, thought he was talking bout inches…it was freckles! .:rofl:

Becouse there is not a soul that has the slightest interest to talk you…not even during Christmas : :stuck_out_tongue: Stop being sutch a sad shit and take a hint allready… :stuck_out_tongue:

Take it like a petty man and never return to the IC server ever again.

Ban was removed.

Remember a ban is only up when someone remembers :slight_smile:

Do you mean you are giving up your EOR war for my fam, awww AW is sad puppy?

I feel like this extended ban is because of resentment against my persona, seeing discord ban is 7 days max.

Than shame on you for not remembering in time! :wink:

[Edit: This topic can be closed/removed, thx for the quick fix!]

well Sol even you should have the brain capasity enough to understand that moral would make that war impossible atm :stuck_out_tongue: but i get to play IC and blow ur portals up so i am truly ok atm :smiley:

what i find sad is you guys knew we were going to war and was starting preparations and u decided to just bluntly sabotage it , i dunno but it was strange time for cells to join u on as they had just payed for pnap :stuck_out_tongue: but thats the game so np :stuck_out_tongue: but you constantly prove what kinda guy you are, not only in game but in chat also.

What I find sad Airwing is that you believe that fighting 98 for the last day of the round constitutes as a war.
Now don’t get me wrong I hate Sol, and would never be in a family with him again, but atleast he has the balls to take on big families and thats what we have done all round.
Your frustrated Airwing because you made many key mistakes this round and have no explanations.

Let me lay them out for you-

  1. your leading a family but you are no way a leader
  2. you were overly friendly to other fams
  3. you raided, instead of gaining where it mattered
  4. you jumped 22m to fight attackers with networths of 2m, if you go around blowing up people planets, they are being explored by your enemies.

You were disapointing this round and you know it. bad decisions.

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Not hard to attack “big” families when you are so small. Sol and Cells have mysteriously worked together 2 of the past 3 rounds in EOR wars. It doesn’t matter if you think a 48 hr war at the end of the round constitutes a “real” war or not. AW had a prime chance to win size and it would have been a great EOR brawl.

AW is a great leader and has had his merry band of noobs at the top of the ranks all round.

I highly doubt AW gives a shit if he blows up planets… the size win was lost when Sol/Cells teamed up and started hitting him.

Sol and Cells have been doing the small fam attacker thing for years. When morale heavily favored smaller attackers they would frequently win rounds too because they were more than active enough.

Whoa Cells and Sol frequently win rounds??? When?

2-3-ish years ago when you had to keep your NW as low as possible and play the retake game

I think you came back a little after pie tweaked morale pickle

Ah with that modern morale formula? Glad I wasn’t here for that :smiley:

It was definitely a very frustrating system. I won’t go as far as to say objectively terrible just because it made you play differently but most people were not big fans.

@OrBit we hardly raided anyone this round and i did jump 22m just to blow planets, i am probably to kind to other families, but to be fair we are grown up men, most of us… that play a dying text based game online :stuck_out_tongue: for the game’s sake im sure it would go along way if treated eacother with abit more respect. If u wana be dick in a game with less than 100 active players be my guest :stuck_out_tongue: but than your kinda moving beyond sad and more in to the pathetic catogory… or am wrong?

And i am far from dissapointed in the round. we got a first rounder to #1 in ressies amongst other things.
Before u start to talk about making mistakes in this game,…maybe you should focus on your game play instead, couse all i seen from you since you been back are bottom ranks, back stabbing and ALOT of big talk :stuck_out_tongue:

If i am a bad leader i’ll leave that to the once i’w led to decided :stuck_out_tongue: In my defence the players i lead tend to end up top of the rank… everytime, but maybe its my kindness that inspires them :slight_smile: i dunno

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Pickle, theres nothing easy about attacking a bigger family full of smart attackers, when Sol decided to hit your fam, i was face palming watching you attack, you were raiding our bankers which was fine, but your fleet was so big you could of also been busting our portals but you didnt, a result of that was your fam lost way more planets than they should have.

Airwing, congrats on building buildings.

You both stroll around the forums and discord like gods gift to IC, but your just the dregs of a once talented playerpool, Your both still getting to grips with things everyone else learnt 15 years ago.


Have you forgotten what top ranked crew recruited you 15 years ago from that bottom ranked fam @OrBit:stuck_out_tongue: