Did 98,04 just BREAK NAP on 91?



Hello 98,04

Come clean?


Yep they did


Really? How when we never had one?


no, 04 never had a nap with 91.


Cells make sure you got the full story before you throw accusations around


I just know what 91 leader told me


Thats fine, there are 2 sides to every story and 91’s leader is full of crap


Don’t care… After what 91 did I could give 2 shits.




Lol what did they do to deserve a nap break.


lol yes its extremely doubtful that TBO would be full of crap :stuck_out_tongue:


We got into this war to help protect them… Only for them to renap our enemies leaving us to fight an unbalanced war, made my fam lose 200 planets because of it, knew 02 was part of the horde but didn’t tell us, then passed our enemies planets before the war. Aparently were even in our enemys chat and were feeding them info …Traitors through and through.


@WhiteShadow 91 brought this on themselves with the crap they pulled this round. And your lucky Airwing is such a nice guy because if I was calling the shots you, your stupid boyfriend HydroP, your idiot pal Swagga and your puppet allies would all need scraping off my boot.


Thats a lot of hear say, but i have birdies in your family and aws feeding me info you may want to investigate that first


lol :fairy::mermaid::woman_genie:


AW cant even feed himself, hes 100% useless


@OrBit my girlfriend would agree with you 100% lol.


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WS I know how to sux, all you do is join the horde.

You have been fux so many times this round, maybe you can give me some pointers


All said and done…as people have made very clear to me, be careful what you say Orbit. It can have dire consequences in later rounds.

We have had a good relationship so far but I am just petty enough to screw other people’s rounds to make a point to those who think that 1 round allows for that sort of talk.