Did 98,04 just BREAK NAP on 91?



lol yes its extremely doubtful that TBO would be full of crap :stuck_out_tongue:


We got into this war to help protect them… Only for them to renap our enemies leaving us to fight an unbalanced war, made my fam lose 200 planets because of it, knew 02 was part of the horde but didn’t tell us, then passed our enemies planets before the war. Aparently were even in our enemys chat and were feeding them info …Traitors through and through.


@WhiteShadow 91 brought this on themselves with the crap they pulled this round. And your lucky Airwing is such a nice guy because if I was calling the shots you, your stupid boyfriend HydroP, your idiot pal Swagga and your puppet allies would all need scraping off my boot.


Thats a lot of hear say, but i have birdies in your family and aws feeding me info you may want to investigate that first


lol :fairy::mermaid::woman_genie:


AW cant even feed himself, hes 100% useless


@OrBit my girlfriend would agree with you 100% lol.


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WS I know how to sux, all you do is join the horde.

You have been fux so many times this round, maybe you can give me some pointers


All said and done…as people have made very clear to me, be careful what you say Orbit. It can have dire consequences in later rounds.

We have had a good relationship so far but I am just petty enough to screw other people’s rounds to make a point to those who think that 1 round allows for that sort of talk.


whOrbit now learn how to use your thumbs the way I told you.

Maybe after you stick them in you ass stick them in AW ass and enjoy it pecker head.



That’s funny, now you sound like WS and or Darrk.
Glad you added very few facts to obvious fabrications.

I can see why you got annoyed with nap talks with the horde now. :joy:


Lol you already admitted to everything except the being part of their chat. And Cells told us in the other thread that he forced you to nap, so that part is true … which parts are fabrications?

  1. I have never said I am the greatest at anything.
  2. I know someone better than me at everything, name 'em all the time.
  3. I have never told anyone to “kiss my ring” and shit.
  4. I really try not to lie. Only time i know I lied is when I called @Airwing a racist, because he was lying that I was a nap breaker. I freaked out. He is not a racist. I have never, (not once) broken a CF or a nap.
  5. Forcing me (one guy) to sign a perm nap was a bitch play, and I raised a lot of hell about that.

Stop calling me a player from a group I was with for 5 days.

Starting to get shitty @TheBigOne.



One by one apparently?..

Only for them to renap our enemies leaving us to fight an unbalanced war, made my fam lose 200 planets because of it,
( Not true you were going have this war regardless of what I did)

knew 02 was part of the horde but didn’t tell us,
( Technically… The horde died at bor… so again not true)

then passed our enemies planets before the war.
( Munder sold planets and that was a long time before the war, but yes technically this is your correct statement)

Aparently were even in our enemys chat and were feeding them info
( Yup … definitely not in the alliance chat, didn’t even know they had one until after you kicked me from our alliance chat)

…Traitors through and through.

In the end I was well aware someone was going to attack us from some side or another, that was inevitable, but at least get your shit right before you come spewing things in the fourms :slight_smile:

It’s ok PA, I still love you


Nice list Darrk…

I however didn’t say one of the things on it in this post, hence proving my point :rofl::stuck_out_tongue::joy:


Ok ok… not true I included you with the nap talks with the horde, but… You were part of the nap talks, which is what I was talking about to PA.

I’m sure he knows what I’m talking about.


LMAO …I love how one by one you agree with everything I say but just try to put a weird technicality or do an illogical spin.

Wait what? You did renap their alliance after we were all cancelled on them and were headed to war… And you didn’t even tell us! lmao… like wtf. What exactly about what I said is not true? Having the war regardless??? what does that even mean?

LOL… really… that is your defense? You knew the alliance we were about to war had a hidden fam working with them… would have been nice to know, “Ally”.

Glad you agree with me. You know you could have just asked us to market aid you guys, we would have done it and obviously not charged any planets. Didn’t have to sneak around and give away planets to our obvious competition. Lol when I saw them taking your planets, I even threatened them only to learn that Munder was giving them away to them.

I am not sure if you are just trying to spin the shitty behavior or if you honestly do not realize that you stabbed us all in the back.


We did ask… As we got ass fucked you infra jumped … Not sure what else to tell you there. Lol…

I’m well aware you got fucked, but the war was inevitably going to happen… and no way we could have lasted 30+ hrs before you joined in.

We played the hand we were given, and did what we could to prolong us until we stopped caring… Which happens pretty quick lol…

The only reason we didn’t die when your war started was because cells forced swagga into renapping us… Without that we would have lost more than 200 before you joined in even.

Be happy, at least you have an attacker left :stuck_out_tongue: