CW - Beta 2 Spaghettios

Hiya @I_like_pie !

Wish list for CW - Beta 2:

  1. War time limit of 28 ticks with an enforced cool-down of 48 ticks.
    During cool-down (like it is now) no actions can be performed against the undeclared fams.
    (Cool-down already exists to some degree)

  2. Single use of Queezys per fam.
    (Honestly how ever this is most easily achieved, like 1 Evo to Queez per fam, Leader can switch to Queez pre-round, whatever is easy to get a single use into the round)

  3. Ops that change the status of players only allowed during war.

1x Complete = Two scooby snacks.
2x Complete = Simple hand jo, AND the snaks.
3x Complete = Scooby x4, handy, and nudes of your choice between @HellRaizeR (thong), @TheBigOne (topless only) or @RuthBaderGinsburg (donkey show).

It could all be yours!

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I only want 2 of the three.

Maybe I’ll keep my shirtless pics to myself :wink:

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I’m not even sure which group of 2 out of 3 you like (prizes or requests), not sure I want to know you saucy girl. :dancer:t2:

@I_like_pie - Oh yeah one more tiny one - 3x Defense stations total, that fams just start with. No cost, or cost 1.


Can i add one? Some sort of combat summary easily obtained

These won’t be ready in time for CW2, but they can definitely be submitted as individual requests for #roadmap:features. :+1:

@Darrk can you make each one of those 3 as their own thread?

@You_Fool can you also make a new thread for your request?

No need to get the details perfect, we can hash each one out as necessary.

Thank you both!


Created mine @I_like_pie


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