Custom Units


Note: this was originally a discussion for the rewrite

but it has since been shelved. the ideas here can still be considered within the context of the existing game, though they are likely not a priority

We’re going to keep with the same units, at least initially.

However, it is going to be relatively easy to support custom, player-defined units.

The uses for this are entirely open ended. The current battle-enabled units are defined as follows:

| name               | buildtime | cash  | iron | octarine | food | endurium | groundattack | grounddefence | airattack | airdefence |
| Bomber             |         5 |   400 |   30 |        0 |    0 |        1 |           10 |             0 |         0 |          2 |
| Fighter            |         4 |   200 |   15 |        0 |    0 |        1 |            0 |             4 |        10 |         10 |
| Soldier            |         2 |   100 |    0 |        0 |    0 |        1 |            5 |             6 |         0 |          0 |
| Droid              |         2 |    50 |    5 |        0 |    0 |        1 |            6 |             7 |         0 |          0 |
| Transport          |        12 |   800 |   30 |        0 |    0 |       10 |            0 |             5 |         0 |          5 |

Aside from the obvious attributes, each unit also has the following functionality:

  • delivered by other unit
  • carries other units

One thing that isn’t currently represented is unit speed. Right now, speed is a function of race, which doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. If anything, speed should be an additional application of military research, if not also an additional base attribute for air units.

This is where custom units can come into play.

For example, imagine creating:

  • a custom fighter that travels at 2x the normal speed, but is only half as effective in battle.
  • a ground unit that is twice as strong in attack, but half as strong in defense
  • an armored transport with an increased capacity for troops, but is more expensive and suffers a speed penalty

Any bonus would be offset by a penalty, and a player could define any unit they want similar to how they currently define races. Speaking of that, this feature would move military specialization away from races themselves and directly into fleet composition.

This is a good thing because it means people could change their approach to military mid-round, instead of being “stuck” with their race and overly dependent on team members who may or may not even stick around. This would be a boost for SS style play.

Obviously, we don’t want to make the game more difficult than it already is, so this would be an entirely optional feature. The standard units would still work fine and would be no less powerful than customs, only less flexible.

Thoughts? What kind of unit would you make? Would you bother with this at all?


I like the idea!
Especially since making my own race is one of my favorite features, normal race’s are great but being able to customize your own race gives the game more strategies. Picking your own units ability would be great .
If I went banker my ground would be maxed and not worry about figs so much making the other team have to strategize more to beat me


I really like this idea… I think it would be cool to be able to somehow research and unlock unit upgrades… increase your figs speed, increase soldier defense ect… maybe even unlock an ability to apply rocket launchers to your droids or soldiers and they can even shoot down figs… Lots of different things you could do with this and adds another dimension to the game.


But wont this push the game more to SS style? The thing i like about IC thats team based and you need to cooperate with your family.


It will change the reason for cooperation. Team play can still exist, but it won’t be hard requirement to be forced into a specific race or role.

For example, 2 SS players could still team up to their benefit, but if one of them drops out of the game mid-round the other will be able to adapt as necessary. SS-aside, any loss of a single player could be balanced out by the rest of the team making appropriate adjustments.

I wouldn’t say this would moving things more towards SS style so much as it would move towards more flexibility. I can’t imagine team play ever going away entirely.

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