Combining agents and wizards


I was just thinking that family members could combine agents and wizards to coordinate ops and spells. For example, one fam member with 50k wiz could use a “combine” feature with another member who has 50k wiz to cast a spell on a particular target using their combined wizards for an effective total of 100k wiz. Ditto agents.

Not sure if I’d want this to extend to fleet. I can intuitively sense that going that far might take some of the fun out of the game. Could be true for agents and wizards, though, so maybe certain criteria have to be met to use a “combine” feature.

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I think this would make the offensive side of ops way too powerful. The player defending against the ops doesn’t get to share with one of his family members. This would almost guarantee a successful op against a single player every time.


What if a corresponding defensive spell could be cast? For x ticks, my wiz/agents will be support for empire y.


I dunno, just seems like something else to have to constantly worry about casting every x amount of tics.

I think a special round where all family fleets/agents/wiz cash/resources/ect were shared would be really cool.


I agree - a corresponding defense share would be a good way to balance this.

As for criteria, I was just thinking that perhaps you’d need to have no more than a certain amount of wizards in order to use a combine feature. This would in theory prevent spells from becoming a sure thing on every try, especially with a corresponding defensive combine.

I thought of this because it would be a way to further unite families and foster cooperation.



  • Massive agents and wizz on bankers
  • Small 5 planet opper with hardly any nw that has access to all agents and wizz :joy:

And we probably also find a new bug when diving agents / nw for succesrate on nukes.


Hm, maybe a more challenging version of this idea is to have access to another player’s agents and wiz. No combining - either use your own or someone else’s but not both.