Clickfest Worst Offenders

I’m gonna see what I can find from Google Analytics, but some of this will just come down to player insight.

What do you guys feel are the worst offenders for requiring so many clicks to play?


Not a click issue precisely, but more a page pre-loading issue for attackers.

My standard flow when mass attacking a player is to open a planet view window with each planet I want to attack as a separate tab in my browser. I’ll then click the attack button, divide the fleet and send it on the first attack. Then move to the next tab, however, what I’ve discovered is that the game has pre-loaded my original fleet number into EVERY tab even though I had yet to even click the attack button on any of the tabs. What this means is that I have to reload each planet view page, then click the attack button.

This is unnecessary, as just because I open a planet view window does not mean I am attacking. I could be constructing a portal or buildings, recalling a stationed fleet, etc. The game should not be wasting resources pre-loading fleet numbers at this step.


Another flow issue is the pop-up planet window. If you try to station troops, recall troops or raze buildings, you stay inside the pop-up window. However, if you try to construct a portal or buildings, then the pop-up goes away and the map page is replaced with the construction page. Would be nice to be able to perform all actions within the pop-up window and leave the map page open so that we don’t have to go to the menu and click back on the map page each time we want to switch to another planet.

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