Clash of the Titans

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The Clash of the Titans was a notable war that occurred during Milky Way 5 between The GoD Alliance and The Dragon Alliance.

  • The GoD Alliance

    • GoDs of Olympic Dawn
    • Phoenix GoDs of Olympia
    • Phoenix Dawn: Godlike Olympians
  • The Dragon Alliance

    • Council of Dragons
    • Munchers
    • Wild Bunch


After the reshuffle in Milky Way 2 a number of new families were formed which came to dominate the galaxy for several rounds, including families such as the GoDs, Munchers and the Council of Dragons.

There were heated disputes over Milky Way 3 and namely Milky Way 4 which led to a bitter rivalry between the GoDs and The Council of Dragons, who were sworn enemies at the time. Milky Way 5 started with the The Council of Dragons allying the Munchers and the Wild Bunch to form The Dragon Alliance, a strong tri-alliance to oppose the now famous GoD tri-alliance, made up of The GoDs, Olympia, and Phoenix Dawn.

The round itself was very exciting. Infrastructure jumps were a new concept in the game and were used to their fullest extent so far by the Phoenix Dawn, who had several bankers making over 50mill gc in the end.

There were alot of conflicts as well, as The GoD Alliance faced The Renegades tri-alliance to come up with a hard fought win. The Dragon Alliance also had a tough test as they faced the 13th Warrior tri-alliance, which they eventually came to win after The GoD Alliance killed Sentennial’s fleet which he had gotten from a bug. As these wars were settled, there were only 2 possible winners for the round: the final war was in everyone’s mind.

One night, Genesis (leader of The GoDs family) and Warsong (leader of Phoenix Dawn) were debating who they would be facing next; the answer was clear in their mind, but as they were talking they received a message: TNT, the leader of the Munchers, had cancelled the NAP between the alliances. The war was on.

The War

The GoD Alliance had a much larger income than the opposing tri, but they did not have the advantage of saving. Since cores were not a reality at this point in time, there were thousands of shares between the 6 families involved all across the galaxy. The total number of planets involved surpassed the 20k mark.

Preparations were made, roles were chosen, and the hour came near. Fleets were built, and so it started. As expected, The GoD Alliance’s fleets were much larger than their opponents, which enabled them to clearly win the first bout. Much of The Dragon Alliance’s fleets were left in tatters, but they would not fall so easily.

With some key hits and successful banker raids, The Dragon Alliance quickly evened the odds as the war promised to drag on. The GoD Alliance slowly started to lose ground and some were prepared to admit defeat, but in a last effort coordinated by Beleriand, Spawn, and Genesis, the planet counts were reversed and The GoD Alliance managed to kill a good deal of the remaining enemy fleets.

Victory was now at hand, but it was not to be. A market bug had caused a loss of billions by some families who were saving for the EOR jump. After much debating the round was reset 2 days. All the effort put in by the 2 top tri-alliances was partially lost.

Having been fighting for so long and in the face of these new events, a ceasefire was called upon, which was quickly turned into a permanent NAP. One of the greatest wars in the history of IC had come to an end.


The winner of this war is subject of debate. The Dragon Alliance claimed victory through the final stats, but some held The GoD Alliance as winners for their victorious comeback which was sadly erased. The 2 weeks of solid fighting by both tri-alliances had earned both the respect amongst many, so an appeasing draw was declared.

The sheer intensity of this war was seldom if ever matched by future wars. The thousands of planet swaps, the wreckage of millions of lost droids and fighters and essentially the spirit which led to Olympia, a single family, having 50 players online at the start of the war are a great example of the experiences that were had in the earlier years of Imperial Conflict.

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I remember watching this war from the outside and holy shit balls was it a time.
I believe daywalker was one of the main attackers for the Phoenix dawn olympia alliance.
100 mil nws in fleet.
And that come back from munchers was insane but expected. What they lacked in funds was always made up for with fierce planning cordinating and a very active player base.

Outside looking in, felt like munchers won but we didnt know the ins and outs during the end. But the come back from munchers gave them a sense of victors due to the fact they came back!