Cheaper to "mass build" portals than it should be

Portal cost is supposed to update as you gain planets (1k gc more/planet), even in the same tick. I’m sure a lot of people around here have taken 40 planets, 1 at a time, to save costs. I was doing this the other day and accidentally took more than 1 at a time, so “mass built” the portals and noticed that these portals cost much less than when I took them individually. I tested this a couple times by looking at my total gc, portaling 1 at a time to confirm that the price it showed is what it took, and then did the same for mass portaling.

Posted costs below - the price for mass portaling did increase as I gained more planets if I remember correctly, but it was always significantly lower.



^note all planets were ob to same percentage

I know some people knew about this bug so sorry for sharing your secrets, but post bugs next time :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you actually looked at the amount of gc being spent when you do it? Because if I am correct, mass building does not calculate in the shown price the empire costs or OB% costs.

Now if you hit the cost button it should give an accurate total price.


I don’t think the description is super clear. The bug Hydro is talking about is different. That one is where the cost in the build portal page is incorrect if the planet is OB.

This bug xenon is talking about only appears when you gain multiple planets by attacking in a single tick. I think it just overcharges you if you build portals individually on them and charges you the right amount if you mass build. We didn’t test it too extensively though to figure out exactly what was happening.

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At first glance:
You are not actually going to get the cheaper portals.
Looks like it is showing you the cost without a specific variable.

Perhaps your "Our empire’s large size increases construction costs by xx.xx%"
is the culprit as you are on a “sub” build screen, that was added later in the game.

Gonna have to give you guys some props on this one!

:sparkles::sparkles: Not bad, not bad at all! :sparkles::sparkles:

Portal cost shows wrong as it includes ob%. When you press built it will charge you differently.


Yep, ^this is correct!

So only bug is that the cost displays wrong, ty LG

There is another also when you toggle only one planet in mass built it won’t allow you to portal.

Both bugs reported alrdy in 2017

@I_like_pie is checking it out :yum: