Change Portals to NOT use building slot when constructing

It is quite silly and really annoying to my OCD tendencies that when a portal is under construction it takes up a building slot, however once it is completed, that slot is vacated. That leaves the planet just short of fully built, meaning the next round of construction leaves it short of 100% OB, followed by less than 300% OB, etc.

Let’s no longer count portals under construction as a building slot!!!

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I feel where you are coming from, however if all the building slots are full (with infra in the que) you can still build the portal.

It didn’t used to be that way, my bet this was (a rather slick) compromise.

Nice to know 260 portals into the round. LOL

I always start the portal first, then follow up with the infrastructure.

If only I had done it the other way!

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Better late than never? :panda_face:

While nice, it is one of the those subtle hidden tricks that only experienced players will know. And then, not even all of those if they are as ancient as I.

This should be changed to make it consistent in all scenarios.

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I think (because this sure feels like a deliberate code change) this was implemented so you could (no matter what state a planet’s infra is in) you can always build a portal.

Kinda like jello!
There is always room for portal!

Yes, but in one scenario you can only build X numbers of buildings, and in the other scenario it is X+1 buildings. Inconsistent.

New reality = !t is always X + 1 portal.
Portals are special buildings! I kinda like the idea they take precedence.

You think this is rattling your OCD cage?
Wait till you have 200p that are all 101% OB, and 60p that are 100% for over 24 hours.



We have built 148 buildings on this planet. The planet can easily support 147 buildings; additional buildings will be very costly.

At the moment we can build -1 more buildings.

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