Cap on number of estorms removed?

It appears you can cast any number of estorms on a target now.
was this a recent change? i was pretty sure it was limited to about 7/8 even a few rounds ago.

Without a limit you can be estormed to the point that it takes a real life week or more for your pop to grow back, before you have a chance to build any defence.

Even 8 estorms takes your income out for 3/4 days which is pretty severe, but at least you can build defence if you login in time and have your income back in a few days.

Hypno is already without limit, but is not as affective and a slightly harder op.
So this should really be looked at as it pretty much removes the point of having hypno.

Failed estorms also need to show in the news, possibly should be limited to 3/4 as hypno op already exist, but at minimum should be capped at the old limit.


There haven’t been any recent changes to any ops.

Is this different than the general cap on ops that changed to morale? As in, there was a limit that was specific to just e-storms?

I disagree, if your pop banking then have more wizards for defense.

If you don’t have enough defence then you’ll still lose your pop to Hypno which can be spammed, but take a little more effort as its harder to cast and does less damage.

I think estorms shouldn’t do more damage when it’s an easier ops, and the more stacks you put on the better it gets compared with Hypno.
At 8 stacks it’s was already better than Hypno.

Possibly it was todo with the op limit itself rather than specific for estorms.

But even in recent rounds people would cast 7/8 estorms wait 8 hours and reapply. Maybe they were just following the old limit out of habit.

I still say rather than blaming the game for losing all your pop, get more wiz.

Its eaiser to defend than be on the offence. If I was carrying as much pop as you were I could afford a few mill wiz for defence.

Hypno is instant loss, storms take time, other than that it is fine how it is imo.

Not trying to blame the game.
Just surprised the estorms went beyond what i though was the max, hence the question.

I think particular case with the amount of wiz used on me i’m sure doing hypnos wouldn’t have been a problem and I would still have lost massive pop, just not quite as much in one go.

It’s funny cause a lot of people I have talked to have had this idea about 8 max, which has never been the case.

Yeah its possibly group think from the old op limit.
I pretty much only ever on the receiving end of estorms so only see it from that perspective :slight_smile:

In the old days ops weren’t morale dependant. So there was actually a limit.

You would get 7/7 ops instead and it replenished 1 every hour.


There was a #think-tank discussion on the change to morale based this past week. Pie explained why it happened and that it will change in future. Moved that discussion to #support:questions for public viewing.

Why Were Spec Ops Changed to Morale Based?

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