Benefits of a neighbor

I just found another empire on a shared system in Infinitum, and I don’t want to remove them. I know that they will likely remove me, but I just don’t want to perpetuate the problem of aggressive pre-emptive system clearing.

This got me thinking, we talk a lot about attack limitations and preventing farming, but that’s only seeing it from one angle. Most ideas to solve this focus on curbing aggressive expansion.

What if though, peoples had their own reason to not attack? Instead of trying to deter a negative, what if we encouraged a positive?

How can we offer a benefit to having neighbors in a system? I suspect that if we provide some kind of economic advantage, it might be better for players’ own self-interests to not always clear somebody out of a system.

The first thing that comes to mind is some kind of income or resource bonus on planets in a system that you share with other players. We could see this as a “trade bonus” that is only active if there are multiple families in the same system. We could even increase the bonus for every additional family that is present.

If the bonus is attractive enough, it might break the habit of coring and promote more interesting wars.

For me, I’ve always been an attacker but I’ve also always tried to be friendly. It’s frustrating to me that my best option is to clear people at first sight. I would enjoy a mechanism that encourages friendly empires.

@team, what do you guys think?

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Trading would be awesome, it give players more option to be friendly than hostile.

Why not?

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On this same principle, how about overhauling the market so that you can only trade with those players who you share systems with? That would definitely encourage more cross pollination throughout the galaxies.

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Right now, most everyone is playing Infinitum like a regular galaxy. As a never-ending galaxy that style will not work forever. Two massive alliances will not stay intact over the long haul. They will splinter and have to face the fact that shared systems is a fact of life in the galaxy. Or at least that is my belief.

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Diplomacy is a greater force than even the most powerful weapons.

So says someone who also nearly always plays as an attacker.

I really like this idea.

Maybe think about the bonus increasing too over time, from a small percentage to a capped higher percentage the longer the system is shared.

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