Balance Suggestions

Note: this is my first round so im coming from fresh perspective and may not understand some mechanics. Been active in Discord discussing some things and have moved them to here.

The list of suggestions were thought up as self contained although some will work together.

Late starters
Starting the round late unless your in a top family is a dead end there is little help to grow as all planets are taken. hears a few plausible catch up mechanics we discussed.

  1. Add planets to the galaxy as the round goes on
  2. New players get extra planets in there home system
  3. Bring back the cataclysm event i heard is in place

NW disparity
Obviously active family’s and better players should be at the top, but i think simple tweaks can be made to keep the power balance closer. out of 15 family this round 4 are double the NW the rest of us and its only 1 week in

  1. If the Guide is anything to go by You cant attack players 35% your NW. this is obscenely low imo this should be about 70%
    * There should also be a cap the other way you cant attack bigger than 150%
  2. NW calculation tweak, planets or buildings should be worth more. (only if 35% is true)

They are OP. imo if the above is tackled they only need a minor change but right now some one over double your NW can control 1 planet in a system build a portal and then have instant access to take the rest of the system. (remember they can be over double NW with lasers and a standing fleet you would have no chance to stop it solo)

  1. Portal cost should be proportional to distance away from home system
  2. Portals can only be built a certain distance away from another portal (e.g you have to create a chain of portals)

(Bonus) Market
A market exists in this game but its not in place. im not sure why but i can see its is not needed GC is king and except for Octarine if your using spells nothing really costs enough resources to ever be short on them

  1. Boost resources cost of units and buildings
  2. Add new races that boost Specific resource gathering
  3. Bring back market so a resource utilizing the market or trading with family is a viable play style

There are other things but id like to keep this thread to discussing game balance.