Automated post-round actions

We need to automate the following after a round ends:

  1. Open the new round for registration as soon as the old round ends

  2. Update rankings page (until new one is built)

  3. Congratulate the winners across our various platforms, both internal (discord, forums) and external (social media)

  4. if applicable, send links to winning merch to relevant players

  5. Create a round review and retrospective thread in the forums

  6. send email to round participant opt-ins, inviting them to play again, rematch, etc

  7. send email to non-participant optins, showing them what they missed and inviting them to the new round


oh, oh, oh, i always get excited for new features in a game!

Same question as before in the other thread, When will this be a thing?

Same here too, no ETA for now. :grimacing:

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snappiddy snap snap okie dokie