Auto-add spots when galaxy fills up

Roadmap item:

Problem Solved

This will solve the problem where players are turned away mid-round because the galaxy is full. This causes us to lose potential new players.

New Issues

This will introduce some other issues though:

  1. Families will less often be perfectly even, as spots fill at different times. This is why we sometimes avoided adding spots manually in the past.

    • This is already an issue however, when players leave or go inactive mid-round.

    • The imbalance would only ever be exactly 1 player between teams, which is not ideal but is worth avoiding preventing playesr from joining.

    • The families with the fewest players will continue to get priority for new joiners.

  2. This can be exploited by people joining with alt empires until they land in the family they want.

    • We will be reducing the time to remove inactives to help families drop dead weight. This was already in the works but will help this problem as well.

    • We may reintroduce a requirement to play in a training galaxy for a certain amount of time before joining normal galaxies. This will help prevent the exploit above. Virgo used to serve this purpose, but has since closed. Manthano can be updated to do this.

Round Setting

As usual, new features like this will be a setting that can be enabled/disabled per-round and turned off if we decide we don’t like it.

This is done. :partying_face:

Ty @TheBigOne for helping with testing.

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