Are you looking for a new planet to settle MW70?

If you are looking for a new planet to settle and call home. Stay put and listen to the deal I have for you. Here at Evil Jets Planet reality we will help you find the right planet for you. In the best of neighborhoods we will connect you with decent landlords that have been doing this for years. Let me know if you looking for a home planet in milky way 70. I have these landlords that have a whole system of planets just waiting for you to move in to.

Post here if interesting


Looking for a fam to pax for, I like to stay small in nw for max con % and for landing spells. Would like to war Darrk. XD


Thankyou Damon. Will you be needing 2 planets. Or just the one for yourself. I am all for war with Darrk. I can’t promise I love you staying small. Also darrk doesn’t run pop usually. If i don’t have a planet for you some other systemlords will be around soon.

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min of 6, home planet plus 5 moral for quick re-casting. I can be flexible in my play style. I know how he plays and jumps :wink: expo raid anybody? XD

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You’re an ass :rofl:

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Mw 70 a house divided

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I love all you crazy kids. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Isn’t that the truth.

@RenegadeDamon come to the royal side!

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