Another returnee

Hi all. I’m another of those returning players for the early 2000’s. Jumping into infinium or whatever it’s called, might not have been a good idea lol…

I can’t remember much about my ic history, guess it’s a perk of getting older. But I did have some good finishes I think

I’m abit of a star wars nerd, and am part of the 501st costuming club/group

Forever, write something amusing lol


Hey welcome back man glad to see all y’all returning players

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welcome. Active? Any interest in playing in Mw? Msg me in Discord: Translucent

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Something amusing. :+1:


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World of Tanks tonight, I’ve decided to get the Maus, so teir IX grind for a few days. :grinning::+1:

Welcome back!


How the the mouse hunt go last night? Got that mic yet?