• AKA: Rheumatic Warrior
  • Forum name: @Altruist
  • From: ?
  • Years active: 2000-?
  • Roles: Retired Mod, Retired Player

Altruist is a player from the beta rounds, known for his leadership of The Harkonnens.


Milky Way Beta 1

Milky Way Beta 1

Empire: Altruists

Alongside Universal Mob, Altruist shared leadership of The Harkonnens and enjoyed building up the Harkonnen reputation as the ‘terror of the galaxy’. Altruist and Universal Mob dominated most of the round until Starstrike made his jump.

Triangulum Beta 2

Triangulum Beta 2

Empire: Empire of Idleness

Upon returning from a longer holiday, Milky Way was already running for about 2 months, and thus Altruist joined Triangulum, joining a family which consisted of only newbies but that were very eager and thus they refounded The Harkonnens.

Triangulum lasted only 4 weeks and then got reset together with Milky Way. The Harkonnens finished with rank 1 in size and networth. The top 3 players in networth and size were also Harkonnens.

Around this time Altruist was also approached about becoming a moderator, but refused.

Milky Way Beta 3

Milky Way Beta 3

Empire: Bizarre Dreamclouds

The Harkonnens moved back to Milky Way, adapting well to the harsher Milky Way environment and finishing somewhere in the top 10.

Altruist played as Bizarre Dreamcloud, surprised that several players were able to conquer planets from him, in particular: Thakendar, Polyamidia/Sogil, Reliel (after jumping), and Heaven.

Because The Harkonnens kept out of the Confederation wars, the most exciting time for Altruist was a war against The Trident of Orion. This was one of the first tri-alliances which Altruist had to fight mostly on his own because they were too far away for any other Harks.

Milky Way Beta 4

Milky Way Beta 4

Empire: Anarchist Renegades

Altruist accepted the offer to become a moderator.

Post-Beta Rounds

Post-Beta Rounds

After Beta 4 Altruist mostly quit playing and would after some weeks quit as a moderator as well, both out of frustration with the admins but also with the community.

In the next month and years Altruist would occasionally return to play again, mostly in hardcore galaxies:

  • Orion II

    • Empire: Dreamwavers
  • Custom games

    • BOTC I or II
  • Orion IV

    • Empire: RedCorsairs
  • Sagittarius Dwarf

    • Empire: Rheumatic Warrior
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#Legend #Hark

Had the honor to learn from him post beta rounds.

Encyclopedia of ic knowledge



Agreed. @Altruist was one of the earliest players that experimented and learned all the mathematical formulas of the game, then utilized them to great success. Plus as a member of the legendary Harkonnens he helped enforce an Honor Code in the earliest iterations of Milky Way.

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