Aid requests

Players are already using fam forums to request aid, which makes sense. This is a good example of something that should be a game feature instead.

requesting aid

  1. a “Request Aid” button present in various places

    • the hq page
    • the council page
    • the family page
    • a new navbar item?
    • empire pages of family members
    • next to any cost calculator
  2. button goes to new page with a form

    • if from cost calculator, values are pre-filled
    • can only request from family, not specific empires
  3. aid request is created, and has its own page and history

  4. aid request shows in personal news and family news

fulfilling aid requests

  1. a single click to send up to the entire outstanding amount, or as much as able

  2. a second option is available to send a partial fulfillment

  3. if more is sent than the outstanding amount, reduce package to match the request

  4. any aid shipment is logged in personal news for sender/receiver as well as fam news

  5. if the entire request amount is filled, the request is closed and can no longer be contributed to

  6. if the entire request amount is filled, log in receiver’s personal news and fam news

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