A pandemic of a problem

Hey all,

I just wanted to take the time out to say how appreciative I am of each of you. During these past few months as many people have been inside I found it a joy and a distraction from all that going on just by being around you guys. I know it does not take away from what is happening in the world, but playing this game has always allowed me to escape, feel at ease and de-stress by stressing about stuff round after round in this game. I genuinely, appreciate each and every single one of you for continuing to play this game no matter what may happen, and for those of you who don’t play but hang around in the chats I am just as grateful. I know some of you may not see eye to eye with me (or computer screen to computer screen, who knows), but its always good to know that your appreciated.

Warm Regards,
The ONE and ONLY IC King,
King Ray.


Glad it’s helping you mate, to be honest this lockdown is the main reason I decided to come back onto IC after years of hiatus. Still very rusty but having a good time again! Just wish we could go back to the big, multiple fams of Pinwheel!

Stay strong man, we are living in a future GCSE History (or american high school equivalent) exam question haha!


Hah yeah that’s very true. This whole thing is gonna be course fodder in all kinds of ways.

@kingray this a great gesture, thanks. I also feel like IC has been a great escape and just a general dose of positivity amongst all this stress and global turmoil.

It’s a scary time for sure, but it is also showing us who we can look to for support. I can’t imagine how much worse I’d feel if I didn’t have such a great community to rely on, even if it’s just to talk with each other here and there.