A New Family Structure

I first mentioned this in another topic in Think Tank but felt it deserved its own heading.

I’d like to see a complete breakdown of the family structure as it is known now. Every player begins basically as a solo player, but then they recruit new families members from across the galaxy. Similar to how the tri-alliances once worked. The new families would function as the old family system did. They’d be able to share news, trade planets, send aid, etc. Instead of one home system, there would be multiple home systems to share.

Why do this? Partly to disrupt the core strategy. Partly, to bring a new freshness to the game that also echoes the olden days in a way.

Instead of your family starting in a single system and branching out into a surrounding core, you would instead be recruiting other players from potentially all across the galaxy into your family.

I believe that this would open up the map in a way that has not happened since strict cores became the de facto standard strategy. Players could explore farther safer. Attackers might be able breathe the open air once again and jaunt all over the universe at whim.

Yes, in theory, players could recruit members only near them and create a massive single core. And that is bound to happen. However, other players will take advantage of being able to spread their wings by recruiting new family members from the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

I think trying this out would totally change the way very large maps are played. Families would be spread out enough that it should be much tougher to cripple a family from a single war.

IMO the perfect galaxy to try this out is Infinitum.

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This sound similar to the plans for the redesigned alliances:

What you describe here would fit this new model well, but the namings would shift. Families would still be bound by home systems, but alliances would comprise of members from several different home systems as you describe here, and would start of as small as a single player looking for recruits.

Is that an accurate description of what you’re thinking of here?

Basically, yes. I think the difference is that you still plan on multiple people in the same family sharing a home system from the start, whereas I propose everyone is a solo player from the beginning and they recruit other solo players to comprise a family.


This is what i imagined when i first read the alliance feature and this this would be fine for all the established players.

I guess the main issue around starting everyone solo, would be around those players who don’t have the same connections might never get into a decent team.
Also how we design the new player experience without families to help them out (in some cases)

Good points. Newbs always had the random chance to be placed in a top family. Learning alongside such warriors gave them advantages. Many went on to become seasoned vets and respected leaders.

With this new structure, will such still occur?