A couple of ideas for your consideration

  1. New players should not be randomed into the gal, but a quick IP check should be done to see they are not multi’s and they should be placed and connected with the leader of a well-known player willing to teach

  2. IC wiki or IC guide needs to be revamped for new players. This game is already too hard to learn, and resources need to be sunk into creating guides or tutorials for new players to how to play.

  3. More tools for players are needed. These need to be part of the game interface: yama, fam summarizer, IC fleet sender etc.,

  4. Create a reward system for new and existing players, maybe adding some kind of ELO rating of player rating or even ranking system so that there is a definitive way to show the “best players” or “best up and coming players”


  1. Ok in theory, but not in practice. Some people have the same IP yet are different players – housemates, schools, businesses, etc. – or have an ever-changing IP.

  2. Definitely needs to be done, but is a lot of work and should be a community-led effort.

  3. I disagree with this at the moment. Too many tools making the game too easy nowadays IMO.

  4. Discussions about this in a variety of incarnations have been posted in the recent past, although I’m at a loss for the actual link to those threads at the moment. It is a good idea, although there will never ever be agreement on what constitutes the ‘best players.’




There seem like quite a few ideas here - to have something passed it is far more likely to gather votes if it is more focused.

I like where you mind is at tho, I wish I could <3 a vote. =)

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Wouldn’t work with family members that play. Heck, sometimes Damon jumps on my computer and logs into his account. I’d be pissed if i was pushed aside or discounted because I live with someone else.

I agree, I’ve found the only real way I’ve learned anything is through asking everyone in the game stupid ass questions lol The game is very hard to learn. My brother joined and he was confused the second he got on the website and he’s a wicked smart person. I was confused too but had damon to show me what stuff meant when asking, etc.

I like this idea too, especially a map with tagging features and stuff like that, making it easier to use. I think @Random suggested that one already. I’d be intrigued by other tools too.

I LOVE this idea, I’ve thought this a few times.