69 VS 66



Seconded. 66 specially piglet eyeore and owl. Kudos! Respect!


Man now why did you have to say piglet in that comment
Now he thinks he is the shit and no longer a noob

Please sort this out before be thinks hes a legendary player of ic


Thanks for mention me first… the other guys going nuts about it…:rofl:
Nah to be honest i’m in a fam with very skilled players…so they deserve
the credit…


so now im an know it all middle aged guy with anger issues

Why would someone make a 2nd account to post on forums while he is known for his rants
He dont need to swap names for the posts i made lol


Yea no doubt 66 gave us the most FUN of this round.

This is very fun for us as well as them.

67 wasn’t even close to this much fun although we still take credit that 67 will not win the round. That was all due to 69 brave decision to take them down when no one else wanted to try.




War is Ovah


Who got to see this:

When war was over? Or even better, who ended up like Trump and who ended up like Hilldog? :rofl:


haha nahh war isnt over




I didnt hear no fat lady sing yet


Wonder woman


Nope Nazgre and Guldan attacked us before T914 , so i’m not sure who is right - Tigger
t 915


Yeah id delete it too when you get this shown in your face no worries
You make it an opping war
And you decided to keep playing ping pong so its just a response innit


Shumi…Deleted post due to seeing Ordos’s post saying “haha nahh war isnt over” and assumed no point posting it if war still on, but seeing war is over I’ve no problem in positing what I posted

original post basically said 19 nukes from tigger who is obviously like the real tigger dropping nukes 4 ticks after war ended


both of them suckz:p


I dunno wtf is going!
This was boring a week ago.




Ping pong planets can be given back.nukes are different naaa?


Don’t count your chickens before they hatch bruh.