48 hour race change switch

Sweet, now we start out high science and switch race to something usefull 47h later!


Tooo late now! Its out in the open :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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What remains a mystery is if it allows you to keep changing races for 48

Because than you could do
Start quantum to built science
Switch camaar to sent expos fast
Switch back quantum for high science
Switch to revalon for high income
T=47 switch to final race

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I hear u bro. Its definitely getting abused.

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Ugghhhh. Why did I not think of all this first!?!

This exploit predates the recent change by about a year; it was already possible before. Its fix has been moved to #roadmap:to-do.

I want to clarify too that it’s based off of empire age, not galaxy SoR, so switching 47 hrs after SoR as some have described would only work for players who joined exactly 1 hour before the round started.

It can still be leveraged though, especially by players who join mid-round, so we do need a proper fix.