2013 Home Page Template


While cleaning up some code I found an old unused file that appears to be the base template for the 2013 home page redesign.

It doesn’t look too bad! I can see why Stefan went with this one.


I like the top graphic. A bit more representative of the game IMO.


Yeah it’s a good image. We were using it for awhile, but unfortunately don’t have the rights to. :grimacing:

I like the image grid, I can see that rotating a mix of galaxies, families, and players.


I understand that the goal is to make IC popular enough to worry about copyright infringement, and it makes sense to not build that issue into the game.

I would think that there would be enough “starving graphics guys” out there that would donate, or for at least having his signature on the game’s art itself it might be worth it to make up some images for you.

Not sure how hard that would be to get in contact with people like that. I would think there are really young artists out there that make fleet v fleet images that are super kick ass just for fun and would want to add it to a real professional site like IC to display their art / add to their portfolio?


While on the topic of graphics…the current home page and background images are nice and give the page a modern feel, however, they make all the other graphics feel a bit dated. Then again, they are old graphics. Giving the entire game a graphics refresh would be a good idea at some point.


It’s been on my list awhile to check out pixabay.com. It’s a more practical solution in the short term than working with a dedicated artist, and it’s all freely usable.

If you guys see anything there you like, feel free to recommend it!


You’ve spoken of adding in a way to calculate a player’s reputation within the game. Adding a rotating list of player profiles to the home page might also encourage those players to keep their reputation on the good side.

However, while I like the idea of the rotating mix of things on a desktop/laptop/tablet screen, it would be a bit of a long scroll on a smartphone. I know as we have that very issue with the RocketSTEM site.


Yeah we’d definitely need to limit it on smaller devices.

I like the idea of incentivizing players via reputation, but I also worry about an arbitrary definition for what is “good”. Maybe the chance to be featured could be weighted by something like activity, newness, and even Patreon sub status.

Maybe even Imperial Conflict Points could be used. :thinking:

Regardless, I would love to showcase players more on the homepage. The current page looks nice but doesn’t feel as alive as it could.


My first thought is to let it be random players. Having a bad reputation being highlighted on the home page might be an incentive to clean up their act.